Tutorial for setup: ( Working on a video tutorial )

1. Download the translated client and the server

2. Extract both into D:/

2.1. Client can go anywhere and drive letter should not matter, but I use D:/

3. Download MS SQL 2008 R2, and restore the databases located in: D:/GPHXC/Server/SQL Backup

4. Open up D:\GPHXC\server\BillingServer and edit the setup config file as below:

Êý¾Ý¿âIP SQL Instance goes here
Êý¾Ý¿âÃû³Æ SQL User goes here
Êý¾Ý¿âÃÜÂë Pass goes here

4.1. Repeat step 4 for the database and login folders.

5. Run the .exe files in each server folder:


6. Now you just have to run the client, don’t use the launcher,
it does not work properly, just run the exe called Luvinia, in the client folder.

7. That’s all there is to it, your online .. hopefully, if you followed this properly.

7.1 An account is already made:

Username — a123
Password — 123

8. Only made step 8 because I am OCD about numbers, must end on an even one

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